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Castration is the Only OptionFeaturing: Mistress AynAdded 11/05/2018
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I've been talking about getting rid of those balls for quite some time, but today is the day it's going to happen. I've decided to leave your cock behind so you can see that worthless piece of meat everyday and know it will never get hard again. It will never spew cum again. And it most certainly will never see the inside of a vagina again. From this day forward you will be My eunuch. There are several ways I can do this: slow and painful or quick and dirty. I think the later is the better choice. Now let's hook you up to some electrical to deaden those balls just a little then it's time to gag you, ice you down and slice. See how sharp the blade is? But this will be no ordinary castration. I want you to cum at the exact moment that your balls depart from your body. So start to stoke. Get that cock hard for Me one last time and in that final moment of ecstasy you will know the ultimate agony.

8 minute(s), 7 second(s) of video

Millennial Birthday Orgasm BeatingFeaturing: Goddess Samantha, Mistress Ayn, Mistress Ultra Violet, riaAdded 11/03/2018
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When young Millennial slave girl Ria Rocket turns 23 years old the venerable Dommes of Atlanta Dungeon Mistress Ayn, Goddess Samantha, and Mistress Ultra Violet decide to make it a birthday she will never forget. Ria, known for her multi orgasmic pain-gasms in response to being beat, is a bit upset at the results of an important recent election. The Ladies show her no pity, letting her know that the "People's Voice" was heard. Ria is paddled into orgasmic bliss by the three Super Powers of Atlanta Dungeon as the ladies make fun of how many times she is "getting off" from having her snowflake ass blistered by their "big wood". Despite, or perhaps because of the political commentary, this clip is quite hilarious, though also severe. Definitely destined to be a classic with 4 super hot looking Goddesses gracing the screen.

7 minute(s), 34 second(s) of video

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Harsh CBT On RackFeaturing: Goddess Samantha, Mistress Ayn, Mistress Ultra VioletAdded 10/30/2018
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This unfortunate slave finds himself in quite a predicament. tightly bound to a stretching rack with three women just itching to torment his worthless cock. Goddess Samantha, Mistress Ultra Violet, and Mistress Ayn are not amused that his cock is not hard for their them, and they are even more annoyed that it is dripping. "That thing is just begging to be tortured." Goddess Samantha applies weighted nipple clamps while Mistress Ayn ties up his balls tightly. Next Mistress Ultra Violet applies the ball crusher and attaches it to the winch on the stretching rack. She turns the wheel and the "click, click" you hear only means the slaves balls are being slowly stretched from his body.

11 minute(s), 18 second(s) of video

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