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Eat the cum from your ruined orgasmFeaturing: Mistress AynAdded 12/04/2019
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I've let you out of your chastity device for cleaning and you beg Me for release. I really don't want to allow that because it ruins your submissive nature for a while after. So what's a Mistress to do? Ruin your orgasm, of course. I give you exact instructions for stroking your cock and as you get close I announce that you will be recycling your issue. That's right. You will eat all the cum from your ruined orgasm. Now squeeze the base of that cock as you get ready to cum and then prepare to feast.

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Go Big or Go HomeFeaturing: Goddess Samantha, Mistress AynAdded 11/25/2019
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Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ayn are Strap-on Size Queen Sadists. They just love to see how far they can stretch out an anal slut's ass, especially using humungous STRAP-ONS!!! With pretty boy fresh meat Tanner tied to the cross and made to watch, Mistress Ayn starts out with her "starter 10 inch cock" LOL, cleaning the pipes in anticipation of the MONSTROSITY of a cock that Goddess Samantha has strapped around her waist. Mistress Ayn fills his ass full of cock while Goddess Samantha amuses herself making slave knox attempt to get his mouth around her huge cock. The banter between Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ayn is always comical, even when they are fucking guys up, they know how to have fun!!! Now it's time for the main attraction!! Goddess Samantha lubes up her big brown black snake and begins penetrating knox. Ayn comments "Did I hear a pop?" as the huge cock sinks further into his ass. Soon after Goddess Samantha has found her spot, knox is moaning in pleasure/pain, slave tanner looks like he saw a ghost, and Mistress Ayn is cheering Goddess Samantha on, as all hell breaks loose.

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Humiliated By My BootsFeaturing: Mistress AynAdded 10/26/2019
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My slave is bound, gagged and blindfolded - helpless on the floor of My dungeon, because I have decided to have some fun at his expense. Making him crawl and struggle amuses Me greatly and I decide to make him worship My boots while in this predicament. It's particularly hard with his hands bound behind his back and a posture collar around his neck. As he struggles to breathe doing My bidding, I slap him and spit on him - degrading him and humiliating him into trying harder. The verbal humiliation is particularly brutal and the slave's struggles are real. I deem this as a necessary part of his training and after he has properly learned to worship My boot he gets dominated by them - heels on the nipples and balls. It then becomes evident that the slave has freed his own legs and he gets punished by submitting to a firm paddling and some CBT - all the while feeling the bite of My stiletto heel.

This was a custom clip. If you have an idea for a custom that you want to have produced, contact Mistress Ayn at customs@aynrules.com

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