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Stroke While I Spank YouFeaturing: Mistress AynAdded 06/14/2019
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Once again you have been caught stroking without permission. We have talked about putting you in chastity if this behavior doesn't stop - but I have one last ditch idea to try first. I am going to make you cum while I am punishing you. Yes, that's right. You are going to have to stroke that cock until you cum while I am spanking and paddling you. Don't think you can do it? Well, you should have thought about that before you stroked without permission. Look at you. You should be ashamed. That cock is getting hard just talking about this. Naughty slut. Now bend over My knee and take your punishment.

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Suffering Is Your JobFeaturing: Mistress AynAdded 06/10/2019
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Mistress Ayn looks magnificent decked out in leather boots and corset. She has her slave's arms restrained to the bed, but has purposely left his legs free, in order to teach him self control. She warns him that if he moves his legs, there will be consequences. Mistress Ayn wants to teach this boy that if he wishes to serve her and her needs, then part of his job will be to suffer for his Mistress. She takes him thru his paces with a flogger, leather strap, paddle, and finally the cane. The slave can't hold his legs still thru out the entire beating, and so he gets some bastinado on his feet with Mistress Ayn's cane.


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You Take The Top VideoFeaturing: Mistress Ayn, Mistress Ultra VioletAdded 05/25/2019
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We have removed slave paddles chastity device and we can't resist abusing what was once protected. Since there are two of us we decide that one of us should take the nipples and the other should take the cock and balls - the top and the bottom. Mistress Ultra Violet put nipple clamps and weights on his nipples and I completely encase his cock and balls in rope - only leaving the most sensitive bits exposed. Then the real torment begins. My red nails dig into the head of his cock and then Mistress Ultra Violet whacks the head with her crop. He tries and tries to put his knees together but we won't have any of it. We make him beg us to remove the rope but we don't remove it nicely and his cock and balls flop and spin as the rope is yanked. Then come the nipples . . .

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