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Owning the SissyFeaturing: Mistress AynAdded 10/22/2018
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In this POV clip Mistress Ayn lets all you sissies know what it is like to be owned by Her. your life will no longer be your own as She takes over. She tells you what kind of panties you must wear. As She shows you the pretty black LaPerla panties She is wearing, She reminds you that those are Mistress panties - way too good for a sissy like you. Besides, you have that unsightly bulge that must be contained and of course, pink is the color for sissies. As She continues to tell you about your upcoming hormone treatments, breast implants and other transformative procedures, She eventually gets around to what to do with your little clitty. Don't worry, She is going to let you keep it for a bit longer, but it's going into chastity until arrangements can be make to cut the pathetic piece of meat off. As a final humiliating gesture, Mistress allows you to stroke for Her before She locks you away - but you will stroke Her way. Her control over your little clitty has already begun.

17 minute(s), 48 second(s) of video

Tickled to No End Featuring: Mistress AynAdded 10/20/2018
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With Her slave cuffed down to the bondage bed, Mistress Ayn engages her slave in some serious tickling action. She varies her method from light touches with her her nails to some serious hard goosing of his ribs. You can tell Mistress Ayn is having a blast tickling her sub, as she is laughing almost as hard as he is. Next, she goes after his feet with a spiky brush with hard bristles, and then also uses this tickling implement on his ribs.

6 minute(s), 19 second(s) of video

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Kiss and Lick my Sweaty FeetFeaturing: Mistress Ayn, riaAdded 10/18/2018
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Mistress Ayn has already had her sexy boot spit shined in a previous clip. Now she has her slave girl ria rocket remove her boots, as now it's time to lick, suck and worship every square inch of Mistress Ayn's feet. ria's sexy pouty lips and tongue give grey attention to each individual toe, making sure to lick in between each one, as per Mistress Ayn's instructions. And she must not forget to lick the heel and bottom of her soles. Great camera angles of beautiful feet being properly worshiped.

6 minute(s), 43 second(s) of video

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