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CBT Sex SlaveFeaturing: Mistress Ayn, riaAdded 08/27/2016
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Mistress Ayn has slave tig tied to a bondage table with the Venus 2000 pump working over his cock, keeping it hard. slave tig is gagged with a dildo gag and we can hear his moans as Ayn starts to tease and torture his cock and balls. First She first taps him with Her hand and then the cane. Then brings out a multi-wheel Wartenburg wheel and runs it over his already tender cock head. While she is tormenting his physically she begins tormenting him mentally telling him how she is going to make him service her slave girl with the dildo gag while she continues to punish his erect cock and battered balls. Leading her slave girl, ria, in on a leash, all slave tig can do is look on helplessly from his bed of bondage. Ayn has ria straddle tigs face but do nothing else but tease him while she slaps his balls. Eventually she has ria mount the cock and Ayn ramps up the CBT, making slave tig move his head violently bringing ria to orgasm. This is an amazing CBT and tease clip.

9 minute(s), 36 second(s) of video

Fake Orgasms Are Not AllowedFeaturing: Mistress Ayn, riaAdded 08/25/2016
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Slave girl ria is in Mistress Ayn's Dungeon being subjected to a multiple orgasm training session. After subjecting ria to several orgasims with the Hitachi, Ayn gets out a tiny little vib she found among ria's things and says she wants to see if ria can cum with the tiny vib. At this point Ayn suspects ria of faking the last orgasm so she can end her ordeal sooner and Ayn decides to punish her for this disobedience. On her hands and knees, ria takes an ass and back flogging and then is put on her back to take the final punishment - and electrical pussy insert. While her pussy is being punished with pulses of electricity, Mistress Ayn puts the Hitachi back on ria's clit and forces her to come one last time.

10 minute(s), 36 second(s) of video

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Eat the cum from your ruined orgasmFeaturing: Mistress AynAdded 08/23/2016
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Mistress Ayn wants to teach slave a thing or two about orgasm control. She has him stroking for her but she tells him he can't cum until she gives him permission. It's decided that he can can cum within a count down to 10, but he must ask for permission first. If he cannot cum by the end of the countdown, he will miss his chance and if he comes before the countdown begins he will endure post orgasm cock head torture. The count begins and shortly into it slave tigs states that he is cumming. That's not the same as asking permission, so Mistress Ayn viciously grabs the base of his cock to prevent the jizz from escaping - effectively ruining his orgasm and causing a great amount of pain and discomfort. As further punishment she flicks the head with her fingernails and then feeds tig his own cum - making him lick it from her latex gloved fingers.

4 minute(s), 31 second(s) of video

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